WePro Programming Tool

Part Number: WP88

WePro Sensor Plus Programming Tool

UPC 840177400001
Box Qty 1 pc
Box Dimensions 9.0”x5.5”x3.2”; Weight: 2 lbs
Master Box Qty 10 pcs
Box Dimensions 19.7”x12.6”x11.0”; Weight: 22 lbs

Product Details:

  • Built and Supported by Ateq

  • Diagnose Any TPMS

  • Different Programming Options

    • Clone a Sensor Wirelessly

    • Clone a Sensor with Sensor ID

    • Create a New Sensor

  • Placard Change

  • Change Factory PSI Pressure to Allow Higher Load Tires

  • Built in Re-Learn Procedures

  • Built in OBD Tool

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